Zebra Holiday Gift Guide

December 11, 2020
by Lauren

The holiday season is here! And for all of you running around in search of the perfect last minute gifts, fear not. We’re here to help. Our Zebra Holiday Gift Guide has you covered with something for everyone. From the environmentalist to the Zebra print enthusiast and everyone in between. But you better hurry, Santa will be here before we know it!

Massive News

Zebra with ZebraCare+

What’s the most perfect gift for a Zebra Rider? A Zebra of their own! Our latest Zebra model is now available for purchase just in time for the holidays. It’s powered by 100% clean energy from a lightweight, removable battery. Stripes not your thing? Zebras now come in glossy white or powder black, take your pick.

Not only that, Zebra is also offering ZebraCare+, which gives subscribers access to routine maintenance, accidental damage protection, incident or theft coverage, anti-theft protection and more.

Nothing beats waking up to a brand new Zebra under the Christmas tree, order yours today while supplies last. Buy


Bike Cover

Give the gift of protection from the natural elements. This cover is waterproof, windproof, UV ray & dust resistant. Using a bike cover to protect your Zebra will help maintain the vegan leather seat and exterior paint. This cover includes a lock hole design at the front wheels, allowing you to use an additional bike lock for extra theft protection. A must have for every Zebra Rider! Buy


Zebra Parking Sign

Limited garage parking? Sneaky tricksters stealing all the good spots? Just like to brag about your ride? There are more than enough reasons to justify this Zebra Parking Only sign. Not only will it come in handy when claiming a parking spot, it’s also great for confusing your neighbors. Buy


Zebra Print Microfiber Towels

A Zebra Rider staple, these machine washable microfiber towels can be stored easily in the trunk. Rain, dust, coffee spills, you name it - these trusty towels can be a lifesaver. They’re soft enough to be used on the Zebra’s faux leather seat and sturdy enough for cleaning the Zebra’s frame without scratching the exterior coating. You know what they say, a clean Zebra is a happy Zebra! Buy


Reusable Water Bottle

Riding a Zebra is already an eco-friendly decision. But why stop there? According to the Container Recycling Institute, 86 percent of plastic water bottles used in the United States become garbage or litter. That’s a lot of non-biodegradable plastic! But don’t worry, each Zebra has a built in cup holder, the perfect place for a brand new Klean Kanteen insulated reusable water bottle. Getting into the habit of refilling your own bottle instead of reaching for a plastic one is a step towards improving the planet! Buy


Zebra Fanny Pack

This just in, fanny packs are no longer just for grandmas! Here’s an easy way to carry even more on your Zebra, strap it around your waist and hit the road for easy access to smaller items. This zebra print fanny pack can also be clipped to the hook under the Zebra dashboard or placed in the storage trunk on the back of the Zebra. These fanny packs come in other colors and patterns too. But let’s be real, stripes will never go out of style. Buy


Sustainable Zebra Phone Case

Each Zebra comes equipped with a phone holder and USB port, so you can safely view your route and charge up during your ride. The only thing missing is a sustainable phone case to match! We love this case from A Good Company, it’s the world’s first climate positive mobile case, made from organic linseed farming in Sweden. When you’ve had enough of it, simply send it back to them to be recycled into a different phone case or plant it in your garden, it’s biodegradable! Buy


Can Crusher

There’s something so satisfying about pulling the lever, crunching the can into a little aluminum chunk. But that’s not the only satisfying part. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, recycling aluminum cans saves 95 percent of the energy needed to make new cans from raw materials. You’re not just crushing cans, you’re crushing climate change! That’s one point for the environment and one point for your wallet. Did you know that bringing aluminum cans into your local recycling center can get you some quick cash? Talk about the gift that keeps giving. Buy


Portable Reusable Straw

With their mission to create less waste in the world, Flyby is after our Zebra striped hearts with their portable reusable straw. It comes in 8 different colors, is easy to clean, and has its own case for taking it on the go. This is an easy item to keep in the trunk of your Zebra, or keep multiple for the rest of your Herd! Buy

Find everything you need to stuff those sustainable stockings? Let us know which items were a hit by tagging us on Instagram. We’ll be featuring our favorites all season long!

From all of us here at Zebra, we wish you a very happy holiday season and an even happier New Year!

Questions or comments? Feel free to reach us at hello@zebranow.com.


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