Zebra - Coming to Sacramento

October 23, 2019
by Zebra

When you’ve got something good going on, it’s your duty to share the wealth.

Riding through the streets of San Diego on an electric Zebra is a lot of fun, for sure, but we also wanted to make sure that other cities get to hop aboard. That’s why we’ve hitched a ride up north to the capitol of California, Sacramento, to bring this electric revolution to the city of trees. If you call Sacramento home, and you’re ready to join in on a monthly subscription plan that will save you hundreds of dollars, here’s what you need to know.

zebra back

Zebra is Coming — and Fast

That’s right. Those promotions you’ve seen running around town, particularly at the Golden 1 center? Your eyes are not deceiving you. Zebra has finally landed on the streets of Sacramento, ready to lend an extra zing to your every trip.

Why wait? We’re currently taking orders, and the first Zebra deliveries will begin in early November. That said, you’ll want to get in fast, because we’ve already developed an extensive list of pre-orders in the backlog. Clearly, there’s a strong desire for clean, economic transportation — and Zebra is answering it.

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The People of Sacramento Have Spoken

Sacramento is an amazing city. From the wealth of historic parks and museums to landmarks like Tower Bridge, it’s one of the most underappreciated places in the state. The residents of Sacramento have long been calling out for an easy, affordable, clean form of transportation, and that’s why Zebra is moving in.

To further get the word out, we’ve teamed up with the local ambassador of all things 916: The People of Sacramento. Founded by Zayn Silmi in 2014, this group seeks to bring all Sacramento locals together through a focus on community, art, and sharing positivity. Together, Zebra and the People of Sacramento are spreading the word, and helping everybody in town get access to these amazing electric vehicles.

The future is calling. Order your Zebra today!


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