Adventure Isn't Canceled for the Herd

August 18, 2020
by Zebra

We’re all living in pretty uncertain times right now, but there is one thing we’re certain about - adventure isn’t canceled! Even though it probably feels like you’ve already done everything there is to do during a quarantined and social distanced summer, there are still opportunities to safely explore your city.

Being a part of the Herd means that you have a community, even though we’re all stuck at home for the most part. This also means that you have the power to take adventure into your own hands and create some solo memories, which is part of the beauty of having your own personal electric Zebra.

Here are several ideas for how you can have some fun, embrace your independence and explore new things, all while staying socially distant. Grab your Zebra keys, adventure awaits!


Chase the Sunset

Sunsets are something we can count on every single day, but do we ever give them the credit they deserve? There are places around the world where a sunset is considered a nightly celebration, so this is your personal invitation to have your own private sunset viewing party.

Not only is a summer sunset beautiful, watching as the sun descends for the night can actually be good for you. Taking a moment to sit and enjoy the view allows you to practice mindfulness, which has proven to have both psychological and physical benefits. This doesn’t mean you have to sit cross-legged and hum out a meditation, it’s more simple than that - just observe and relax.

This is your chance to finally ride a Zebra off into the sunset, all you have to do is chase it!

Ready to plan your cruise? Here are the best places to watch a sunset in Phoenix.


Practice Your Photography Skills

If our sunset idea sounded good to you, this is the perfect next step. Bring your camera along with you when you cruise around on your Zebra! Opportunity is everywhere and photography is a skill that requires practice. The best part is, it’s easy to practice taking beautiful photos while maintaining social distance.

Head to your favorite park or hiking trail to snap some nature photos or cruise around your neighborhood and see what stands out to you. You can experiment with the lighting during different times of the day or even use your friends as models, the zoom function will let you get close without getting too close.

If nothing catches your newfound camera eye, you always have your photogenic Zebra with you. We love to see Herd photos from Riders! Just post your favorite shots with the hashtag #HerdUp on Instagram and we’ll share it with the rest of the Herd from @Zebranow.

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Podcast and Chill

You’ve heard of Netflix and chill, but it’s time to switch it up. And to leave the house! Get out there and roam, find a place quiet enough to podcast and chill. Any park could work, find a bench or spread out a blanket and pop in your headphones for a listening session. If you’re not much of a listener now, it’s a perfect time to take advantage of all the great benefits of Podcasts.

Listening to a podcast stimulates different parts of your brain that aren’t reached when you’re listening to music. They also allow you to use your imagination in different ways, creating images in your mind based on what you’re hearing. A lot of podcasts are in a conversational format, so for the extroverts out there who are really feeling the lack of human interaction during quarantine, listening to these conversations can help to fill that void. All you need is your Zebra and some headphones! You’ll get some fresh air and maybe even learn something new, just make sure you don’t start the podcast until your Zebra is parked and you find your nice quiet place. Your hearing plays an important role in being aware of your surroundings, so please keep your ears free of headphones while riding. Practice safe and smart riding!

Having the freedom to get up and cruise around on your own in search of the perfect spot will feel rewarding too. Maintaining a sense of independence while exploring the great outdoors? That’s quarantine gold right there.

Looking to expand your listening library? Here are some of our favorite podcasts to get you even more excited about being a part of the Herd:

The Micromobility Podcast The Electrek Podcast Moped Monday Podcast

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Give Geocaching a Shot

If you’re not familiar, geocaching has been around since 2000 and quickly became popular around the globe. The site provides you with coordinates and then it’s up to you to search for the hidden geocache, which could be anything. People get really creative with what they hide and where they hide it, so it’s always an adventure during the hunt.

There are over three million geocaches hidden around the world, so the odds that you have one in your area should be pretty good. The idea is that once you find the geocache, you take something from it and you also leave something. People leave small and inexpensive things like a baseball card or a keychain. This is something you can do by yourself or with a small group, costs no money and can be really exciting!

We recommend that you pack your Zebra trunk with some water, snacks and your items to leave behind and make a whole day of it! The hunt may take you somewhere in your city that you’ve never been before, so it’s sure to be an endless adventure opportunity!


Zebra Herd Ride

Grab your Herd and cruise! Zebras are a blast to ride on your own and with a group. Organize a group ride and map out your route. If the plan is to just ride and enjoy, that’s easy and fun social distancing.

There are so many new streets and paths you can discover by asking the rest of the Herd where their favorite spots to ride are. We love hearing about the best cruising spots so let us in on it too!

Want to grow the Herd? Every Rider has their own unique referral code that can be used at checkout for a 35% off discount. Not only does the new Rider get that discount, when they use your code - you get credit towards your next month with Zebra. It’s a win win!

If you can’t remember what your referral code is, don’t worry :) Send us an email at and we will send your code to you.

As always, safety first! Before taking off on your Zebra adventures, fasten your helmet securely. It’s wild enough out there, practice safe riding and be respectful of traffic laws. Please do your part to keep the Herd safe and strong!


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